The history of Jura Trust AG is a story of people, who driven by a pioneering spirit, great know-how and personal dedication turned a vision into reality. The story begins in 1933 when Princely Judicial Councillor Dr. Alois Vogt, who at the time was a recently qualified 25-year old attorney, laid the foundation for today’s Jura Trust by opening a law firm. And that vision continues in the person of Michael A. Steiger, who together with his team, is extending the success and traditions of Jura Trust through commitment, innovation and integrity at a time of great change.


In the early years, in addition to his many official duties and his dedicated public service, Dr. Vogt was largely active in a forensic role. In those days already he was one of the first persons in Liechtenstein to offer fiduciary and trust services. Dr. Alois Vogt was not only a long-serving politician and respected lawyer, but also an excellent judge of character. During a personal legal consultation in 1976, Dr. Vogt met Dr. E. Michael Feichtinger, a young entrepreneur. A meeting that would have a profound impact on the further development of Jura Trust.


Dr. Feichtinger was skilfully able to combine his entrepreneurial expertise and international experience from the packaging industry with the business interests of Jura Trust. His extensive knowledge coupled with great passion and comprehensive communication skills proved to be a real stroke of luck for Jura Trust. Business boomed, the client base was constantly expanded and the range of services rapidly extended. New markets were opened up and the company’s headcount grew steadily year on year from an initial four persons to today’s staff of around twenty employees.


This continual, organic and qualitative growth represents one of the major success factors in the over 80-year history of Jura Trust. A further prominent milestone was set in 2013 with the groundbreaking management buyout led by the company’s present Chief Executive Officer, Michael A. Steiger, following an 8-year period of Jura Trust’s membership in the Liechtensteinische Landesbank Group.


Within the scope of the new strategic business direction and in order to optimize internal operations, a search was undertaken for new business premises. Since the end of October 2014, Jura Trust AG has had its business headquarters in the heart of Liechtenstein’s capital on the third floor of the office complex at Städtle 28. These modern offices offer a wonderful panorama, which reflects our service credo in interacting with our clients, namely, open, visionary, built on mutual trust and dedication.